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Pioneer has one of the best Class 2A volleyball teams in the state this year and Logansport has struggled in the first two weeks of the season.

But it was a competitive game Tuesday night at the Berry Bowl. The Berries showed great improvement from the recent Cass County tournament, but the Panthers were still too much for them in a three-set match that Pioneer won 25-15, 25-12, 25-17.

Pioneers coach Rod Nies said the Berries are on the right track under second-year coach Haleigh Toumine, who coached in the Pioneer system for years.

“Haleigh is going to do a great job,” Nies said. “Haleigh is invested, she will do a good job. Her biggest problem right now is that she just doesn’t have enough kids playing in the offseason at clubs. The kids have to board or the subclasses will just let them through. Once she sets up this feeding system in the lower levels, she will feed herself.

“She trained with me for several years. I know she tried to get several club teams started in the lower tiers and brought back a bunch of families and kids at the last second. If they’re not playing for Cass County, they have to be at Boiler Juniors, that’s how it is. Logansport faithful must get on board or get over it, one of the two.

The Pioneer volleyball program is good to copy as the Panthers are still going strong which seems to keep going forward. The Panthers rival the powerhouses of Munciana, Lafayette and beyond.

“I want to do it here for sure, starting with the young girls to get them interested in the game and getting enough girls to play at the lower level and then we can work our way up to college level and hopefully , come back to a high school team like we had in Logan that we had 20 years ago. I hope,” Toumine said.

This year’s team showed some hope as they competed against the Panthers.

“Definitely an improvement, but it’s Pioneer,” Toumine said. “Mandee Weisenburger is definitely unstoppable. I’m glad we got a block of her, it made us feel really good, it was kind of a game changer there. But it was serving and serving receiving, that’s really what killed us tonight.

Nies was also unhappy with his team’s serve due to too many errors, but the Panthers did improve some players.

Weisenburger floored 11 kills and three blocks. Blair Grigsby had six kills and five aces. Mackenzie Rogers delivered 15 assists. Keirsten Nies had 11 assists and four kills. Addie Cripe had 18 digs and Kaitlin Weldy added 12. Kylie Attinger and Brooklyn Borges had five kills apiece.

“Attinger played very well,” Nies said. “Attinger plays really well in that middle. She’s probably the only player who really wants to play in the middle. Everyone wants to be on the outside. She’s kind of embraced it and she’s playing really well. She’s watching, c is that I’m not ready enough, which there are times when she doesn’t, but she also has to watch who she has in the front row with her when she’s in the front row and one of them is Weisenburger And our big hammers will often get the ball back, that’s how it is Your Michael Jordan is when it comes to critical time, they get the extra shots, they hit the ball in critical time But it advances , Attinger is playing very well.

“I really like the way Addie Cripe plays ‘bero, she just doesn’t let a lot of things touch the ground around her. Weldy is playing well. My daughter played well tonight.

Teagan Wolf had five kills, five digs and three aces for the Berries. Berlyn Huff had three kills, three aces and two blocks. Katrina Sejour had three kills. Adrienne Scott had six assists and two aces. Chloe Kelly delivered six assists. Corryn Overway led the defense with 15 digs. Kinzie Byrd added five.

Pioneer hosts Northwestern on Thursday. Logan visits Harrison on Tuesday.


Caston beat Argos in three sets to improve to 11-4 this season. The Comets recorded a 25-7, 25-10, 25-13 win on the road.

The Comets put on a solid performance in the win. Kinzie Mollenkopf led the Comets with 19 service points while Delaney Lowry joined Isabel Scales, Bailey Harness, Macee Hinderlider and Alexa Finke on several occasions for a solid offensive performance.


Rochester beat visiting Cass 25-19, 25-21, 25-13.

Elly Logan led the Kings with five kills. Haley Miller added three kills, eight assists and seven digs. Dixie Wagoner led the defense with 20 digs and added three aces.

“Our serve reception was finally in a rhythm, but we couldn’t find a way to put the ball away,” Cass coach Katie Cowell said. “Rochester was disjointed and all over the field.”


Winamac dropped their HNAC opener at home, 25-14, 25-23, 25-21.

After a slow start, the Warriors resumed play the next two sets. The Cavs held on after long rallies and aggressive swings from hitters like Brynn Berndt and Grace Sieber.

“I thought, ‘Just give up already,'” coach Andrea Berndt quoted Culver.

The Warriors kept coming even after having such a difficult first set.

“I think we were a little excited that it was a conference game and that we couldn’t practice the night before due to power outages threw us into a loop as well,” the manager said. Winamac coach, Heather Kasten. “Once we settled into our game in set two, things were very different.”

McKenzie Hinz had 12 kills and three aces for the Warriors. Rookie Brooke Rausch had a great defensive game with three blocks, as did sophomore Ally Campbell with 11 digs.

The Warriors are back in conference Thursday at home against Knox.


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