Volleyball Ireland Beach Tour arrives in Balbriggan


The Volleyball Ireland Beach Tour recently visited Balbriggan Beach with a King/Queen of the Court event.

The unique format is based on the famous Utrecht Sportworx event which has become a global sensation with international events in Australia, Brazil and the Middle East.

The first Irish National King/Queen of the Court Series was held on a trial basis at Balbriggan on the Saturday of the bank holiday weekend and was open to ten men’s teams and twelve women’s teams.

King/Queen of the Court is played with a total of 5 teams, 2 will be on the court, the others will wait their turn outside the court.

There is a king of the field side and a challenger side.

If the team on the challenger side wins the rally, they move to the king side and the other team will leave the court and must wait their turn to serve again on the challenger side.

If the kingside team wins the exchange, they will stay on the kingside and score 1 point.

Teams can only score points when they are on the king side.

Robert Burns, Director of Fingal County Council Services, said: “Saturday’s event with Volleyball Ireland was a great use of our local amenities whilst also highlighting the continued efforts of Fingal’s Sports Department and County Council. Fingal County to support and promote new sports and sport formats such as beach volleyball to help increase participation in sports and recreation throughout the county.

Gary Stewart, Managing Director of Volleyball Ireland, said: “We were delighted to host our first ever Volleyball Ireland Beach, Tour event at Balbriggan Beach.

“The location is ideal for sport, with perfect sand for volleyball and local amenities for fans and players.

“Our approach is basically to bring the sport to new places to showcase and promote what is a rapidly growing activity.

“In addition to our competitive tour, we have a new Social Volley initiative that helps groups organize fun sessions and we’re working with councils across the country to set up permanent, free volleyball positions – we really hope that Balbriggan and Fingal County Council may be considering being the last beach to accept the offer.

“Volleyball Ireland would like to thank Fingal Sports Office and Fingal County Council for their support of the event.”

Fingal County Council Senior Executive Aoife Sheridan said: “It was great to see Balbriggan Beach hosting Volleyball Ireland’s first King and Queen of the Court event. Our Balbriggan continues to work to promote the area and what Balbriggan has to offer and are delighted to support events such as this which showcase the fantastic amenity that is Balbriggan Beach.

If anyone is interested in setting up a Social Volleyball activity, they can contact [email protected] who will be happy to share the materials we have.


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