UK volleyball team helps flood victims in County Breathitt


BREATHITT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) – Two weeks after devastating flooding in eastern Kentucky, people continue to show their support for the hard-hit region.

The UK Volleyball Team is the latest channel added to a statewide network of groups traveling to the disaster area to offer support. On Friday, the team traveled to Breathitt County to help.

Breathitt County Secondary School volleyball coach Stephen Bowling said they had a good partnership with the UK at their summer camp and asked if they could come and help them.

The British Volleyball Team is the latest channel added to a statewide network of groups traveling to the eastern Kentucky disaster area to offer support.

British volleyball coach Craig Skinner says they were so moved to offer their help by the devastation they saw through the media.

The team spent the morning unloading pallets and loading trolleys with essentials for people to take home.

The team also traveled to the Lost Creek area to tour the damage and gain a first-hand perspective. The team continued to lend a hand at County Line Community Church.

Skinner says that kind of support represents who Kentuckians are and is one of the reasons he came to coach in the UK.

“It was important to us that they carry on that Kentucky spirit,” Skinner said. “We are in the same boat. We are working towards one goal and that is to recover.

After a full day of volunteering, the Cats capped off their visit by showing off some of their skills. They hosted a practice and scrimmage at Breathitt County High School so players from the community and surrounding areas could come and enjoy some high-level volleyball.

Bowling also works for the local fire department. He says some areas of the county are estimated to be without running water for a year or more. He therefore appreciates all the efforts made to help his communities.

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