Three Lady Wolves recognized for their achievements on the volleyball court


GREEN RIVER – The Green River Lady Wolves volleyball team set themselves a goal this season to be one of the best seeds in the 4A West Conference, and they did it, entering the tournament. ‘Status as seed number two with a bye.

All-conference players Hannah Hix (senior), Andri Dewey (senior) and Katie Banks (junior) – Dewey and Banks also took home all-state honors – helped Lady Wolves have a successful season, although these three girls won’t take much of the credit.

Green River High School
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Five words to play

The culture of this year’s volleyball team was very united, building their team around five core values: family, trust, dedication, respect and encouragement.

“We really focused on incorporating these words into the culture of the Green River volleyball program,” said Hix. “I think we worked really well together because of those five words.”

Lady Wolves defeat Evanston in four sets.

Chemist team

Anyone who has watched Lady Wolves play this season has seen the chemistry they have on the pitch. Banks attributes much of this chemistry to just practicing together.

“Whenever we were together, we were able to push each other and build these relationships,” Banks said.

On a related note, Dewey believes that this chemistry came from playing together for several years.

“A lot of us have been playing together for a long time so we’ve become really close, and that definitely makes it easier on the pitch,” said Dewey. “We know each other’s tendencies and how we’re going to react when we find ourselves in certain situations. “

Hannah Hix passes the ball. She ranks ninth in the conference for assists.

Seniors driven to success

Banks also says the team have worked so well together thanks to senior players: Dewey, Hix, Megan Yoak, Braylee Scicluna and Georgina Barrios.

“They’ve really stepped up this year, taking the time and effort to encourage everyone to always be their best,” Banks said of the seniors. “They were able to push us, but in the right direction. I couldn’t have asked for better seniors this year.

Favorite moments of this season

There were a few big moments on the pitch that marked the girls as favorite moments of the season, but Hix, Dewey, and Banks all agree that their favorite moments during the season were nothing but the hottest moments of the season. time spent with the team.

“This year has come with a lot of favorite moments, but some of the moments that stood out to me the most were our comeback against Natrona, and of course the big rivalry games against Evanston are always exciting,” said Dewey. “Honestly, every moment that I spend with my team and my coaches is my favorite moment. “

The team was very close this year, making the season enjoyable no matter what adversity they faced. Hix said they have to rely on each other during the challenges they face as a team.

“Some of my favorite moments this season were all the times I was with my teammates and coaches. They all really made each day enjoyable for me, ”Hix said.

While the team worked in the field, they also knew how to have a good time, and Banks said the times when they were having fun stood out from her.

“My most favorite moments were when we were laughing, both on and off the pitch. Our team know how to be serious and how to play, but we also know how to have fun and keep each other’s morale up, ”said Banks.

Andri Dewey gets a solo block. She finished the season fifth in the conference in blocking.

Objectives of the season

Aside from wanting to get a seed in the conference, the girls have also set themselves the goal of winning the state, and while they haven’t achieved that goal, they’re proud of the improvements they’ve made. brought throughout the season.

“I think we’ve improved a lot over the season. We have set very high goals for our team this season, and I know everyone has done everything they can to achieve those goals. It was huge when we saw each other tick off the goals we set for ourselves, ”said Dewey.

Banks said she thought the team had an “amazing” season from start to finish, “from second in the conference and exemption to declare, to our first tournament win at Cokeville early on. of the season, ”Bank said.

The team finished the season with an overall record of 19-15 and a conference record of 6-4.

Katie Banks serves the ball and receives. She placed number six in the conference by the way at the end of the season.

katie banks

This season, Banks received All-Conference honors for the second year in a row, and she received All-State honors for the first time.

“It’s so great to receive these awards. All glory to God for sure, ”Banks said. “I am so happy that God has given me the opportunity to play volleyball and have the honor of hosting All-Conference and All-State.”

End of season statistics

Banks averaged 3.6 kills per set and 0.7 blocks per set, averaging 0.6 block solo and 0.3 block assist. She is second in the conference in attack and against. She is also fourth in the conference for serves, sixth for assists and eighth for digs.

Banks also rank in the top 10 state attackers and blockers for Class 4A. She ranks fourth in attack and sixth in blocking. She finished the season with 415 kills.

Improvements over last year

“I feel like I have improved a lot compared to last year. My mom and dad have helped me a lot, ”Banks said. “They are supportive of me and will come to their gym with me during the off season. As a result, I improved the most in my strokes.

Most people wouldn’t appreciate being at the mercy of Banks. However, she explained that while she always had a strong swing, she had never placed the ball in a specific area before this season.

“Last year I hit the ball hard, but I didn’t aim for a single spot. This year I have worked hard to place the ball better, whether on the line or on the cross.

Goals for playing college volleyball

Although the 2017 season is over, Banks will continue to work on her volleyball skills as she hopes to secure a position on a college team after her high school career.

“I work extremely hard to play college volleyball. I would love if I had the opportunity to do so, ”Banks said.

As she trains for next year’s volleyball season, she also can’t wait to play her other favorite sport, tennis. Banks is part of the GRHS spring tennis team.

Andri Dewey placed first in the conference and second in the state in assists, totaling 941 assists for the season.

Andri Dewey

Dewey won All-Conference and All-State honors this season for the second year in a row.

“It’s something I never would have imagined for myself, and I know it wouldn’t have happened without the people who support me and push me to become better every day,” Dewey said. “It really feels good to be recognized for my hard work with an award like this.”

End of season statistics

Dewey finished the season first in the conference in assists, with 8.3 assists per set. She also ranks third in the conference for serve and fifth for blocking with 0.5 blocks per set, 0.4 solo blocks and 0.2 block assists.

She also ranks second in the state for assists for Class 4A.

Personal goals for the season

“Some of the personal goals I set for myself this season were to become a better leader and improve my skills in the setting position, and I think as the season progressed the improvement was more. perceptible.”

Dewey recorded 941 assists throughout the 2017 season. While she admits she’s made improvements this season, she doesn’t claim full responsibility for her accomplishments.

“I have improved a lot compared to last season and I think all the credit goes to my teammates and my coaches. If it hadn’t been for their constant efforts to get better and work a little harder, I wouldn’t have accomplished the things I did, ”she said.

GRHS volleyball holds a special place in his heart

Now that the volleyball season is over, Dewey will turn to basketball and then follow after that, where she is an all-state sprinter. However, the older adult will always take their experiences with the GRHS volleyball program with them.

“My experience with GRHS volleyball wasn’t the best at the start, but I couldn’t have asked for better. He will always hold a special place in my heart, ”said Dewey.

College hopes

Although the senior is quitting her high school volleyball career, she hopes to continue her college volleyball career.
“Next year I’m planning on going to college and I would really love to play at the college level,” Dewey said. “It’s been a goal of mine for a while.”

Hannah Hix has placed fourth in the conference and number six in the state on offense this season.

Hannah hix

Hix’s accomplishments on the field this season have earned him recognition with his first All-Conference honor.

“It’s amazing,” Hix said. “It’s just another testament that hard work pays off.”

End of season statistics

At the end of the season, Hix ranked number nine in assists in the 4A West conference and number four in attack, averaging 3.1 assists per set.

She also ranks sixth in the State for Class 4A in offense.

“I think I have improved a lot compared to last season. I became much more confident in my abilities and became a better player thanks to my other teammates who pushed me and reminded me of our goals, ”said Hix.

Become a threat

Hix has been a huge asset to Lady Wolves this year, totaling 360 kills throughout the season.

“One of my personal goals was to become more of a threat as an outside hitter and I felt like I improved so much over the season with the help of my coaches and teammates,” he said. Hix said.

Next for Hix

The senior will focus on the basketball season, which begins after the Thanksgiving break, but will miss all of her experiences with the volleyball team.

“One thing that I will miss about GRHS volleyball is all the memories and good times that I got to share with my teammates and coaches,” said Hix. “This program treated me very well and taught me a lot of things that will help me in my future.”

Although his future is a little uncertain at the moment, Hix plans to go to college next year.


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