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Ramona Rummel is guiding the Mavericks this year on the volleyball court, but she’s no stranger to coaching. Rummel was on the coaching staff in 2013-14 and an assistant in 2015-16. She was the head coach from 2017-2018 and most recently led the youth program for grades three through five through Norwood Youth Organization. She shared with The Norwood Post what is currently happening on the high school grounds.

Freshmen this year are Darcy Bray, Kieley Shepardson, Lilliana Jacobs and Valeria Hernandez. Sophomores include Cadence Shaw, Amber Bockrath, Brenna Morlang, Kendra McCluer, and Grace Harris. The juniors are Peyton Porter, Hannah Browning and Dilyn Alexander. The seniors are Yoselin Hernandez, Grace Fourney, Claire Jacobs and Rosalie Vogel.

The managers are Raelyn Aldrich and Bradley Springer.

Rummel said there was a motto this year: “New season – New attitude”.

“We are building a program that emphasizes teamwork, respect, hard work, commitment and trust,” she said. “Success won’t come overnight, but through the consistent application of our team’s expectations and goals. I like to use the analogy of a ship and our program. We’re all on a ship: school management, coaches, players, parents, family, friends and the community.

Rummel said the team is “steering the ship” and she hopes everyone is behind the team pushing them forward.

“We don’t need anyone around the edges of the ship to rock or tip it over, which would discourage or slow our progress,” she said. “We need everyone on board and supporting the team’s efforts.”

She said the Mavericks have a lot of potential for success, but they need to be mentally and physically prepared at all times. She added that the expectations the coaches have set for the program are not only expectations on the field, but also off the field.

“The girls are responding very well to the culture change we are trying to create. I see good energy, hard work, laughter, smiles, tears, frustration and lots of encouragement from my teammates,” she said. “All of these are important to move the program forward.”

Rummel said she was grateful to assistant coaches Sheri Carr-Lacosse and Paige Starks. Carr-Lacosse was a former coach, whom Rummel greatly respects and is delighted to have by his side.

“The experience she brings to the program is invaluable,” she said.

Starks is a volunteer coach. Rummel said Starks’ passion for the sport and his past experience are great assets to Norwood’s volleyball program.

Speaking of the larger program, Rummel said long-term growth and success depends on youth programs and the college curriculum. She would like to build a more vertical alignment in expectations, coaching philosophies and core competencies.

“There is so much potential to come in the years to come that taking a proactive approach now will only yield better results later,” she said.

As the Mavericks continue their season, Rummel said she appreciates the school spirit the fans have brought. She hopes it will get even better.

“We appreciate all the support from the community and encourage everyone to come see us play,” she said.


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