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Stepping into their predecessor’s shoes will be a daunting task, literally, for Springville volleyball players this fall.

Last year, the Tigers said goodbye to 5-foot-10 powerhouse Sandlin Short, who will play for Louisiana Monroe this fall. The Tigers also lost not one, but two midfielders who were just over 6-0 up.

“The big key is that we just have to be, our passing and our defense just have to be better. … You might not be able to get past someone else’s block to hit, and you might not block as well,” Springville coach Warren House said Friday. “So at the back we just have to be better defensively at picking up the balls and passing them to our passer to give us more reps.”

Speaking of setter, senior Morgan Baswell will start his third straight season as a setter. Baswell is one of three returning starters alongside libero Brooke Walker and slugger Addie Bowling.

Springville senior Morgan Baswell (9) will start as a setter for the third straight year.

These three will be the only girls on the roster with college experience this season.

“This year we need to basically spend more time, teach more, get them into the system,” House said. “And for this group, it’s really more like when we’re going to play dates this summer, we start next week, I’m not going to worry about the wins, because I’m trying to figure out who’s going to be the best. at what position.”

The Tigers’ first game date was Wednesday, and the team will have two more before the season begins in August. As the coach assesses different formations from the touchline, he hopes the girls can find a way to build chemistry together on the pitch.

“It’s the biggest thing in the summer, it’s just getting to know each other,” House said. “Learn to play with each other and find out how people react, do things, etc.

Last year, Springville finished the season 36-12, which was somewhat disappointing considering the Tigers failed to advance to the regional round of the Class 6A playoffs.

“We’ve beaten some teams that we haven’t beaten in the past,” House said. “We had a really good regional tournament, but once we got to regionals we just faltered.”

Perhaps no one is more disappointed with the end of last season than Bowling, a sophomore who missed the last half of the season with a sprained ankle.

“She went out, played travel ball, club ball to get back on her feet, and she worked hard,” House said. “She’ll bounce back pretty well.”

In the past, Bowling has lined up on the right side, but House said he can see her moving to the left this season. Walker, a senior, shouldn’t have to worry about changing positions.

The four-year-old college player took on libero responsibilities last season after previously working as a defensive specialist.

House felt like she shone in her new role last season, and he’ll certainly be looking to the elder to continue improving this season if the Tigers are to top Team of the Year accomplishments. last.

“Really and really hard work, just make an effort to get to every ball,” House said. “Does his best to try not to let anything touch the ground. Just great work ethic.


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