Plymouth North’s Eyleen Dias enjoys every moment she’s on the volleyball court


PLYMOUTH – Eyleen Dias doesn’t have to tell you about her love for volleyball. You see it in her eyes when she’s on the pitch. You hear it in her voice when she talks about the finer aspects of the game.

“I started playing volleyball with a club team in Brazil when I was 11 and I learned to love everything about the game. I play it with passion because it’s the kind of person I am,” said the senior captain of the Plymouth North volleyball team. “I’m very passionate about the game but I always try to play with a big smile on my face because the volleyball means so much to me.”

Dias’ positive attitude is doing wonders this season for the Lady Eagles, who were guaranteed a winning season with a 6-4 record going into Thursday night’s final regular season game against Marshfield High.

Dias played libero on the back line as a junior before seamlessly transitioning to outside hitter this season. She’s been a big reason for her team’s success and was recently named Max Preps Player of the Week for a string of games in which she managed 36 kills, 40 digs, 69 receptions, five aces and one block. in nine series of action.

“Eyleen is a complete package as a volleyball player and also an incredible team-mate,” said Plymouth North coach Jane Burt. court and continues to encourage everyone when they succeed. She knows how to both teach in the field and educate children in a positive way at the same time. She’s such an intense competitor, but you also know that Eyleen always has a smile under her mask when she plays volleyball.

Dias played other sports, including soccer, basketball, and handball growing up, but it was volleyball that earned him most of his heart. It remains so today. In addition to playing with the Blue Eagles, she also trains with the MGA volleyball club team in Hannover.

“Volleyball was the first sport I really connected to when I was younger. I played club volleyball in Brazil, which can be pretty intense, but I didn’t mind because that I fell in love with the sport,” Dias said. “We were training or playing every day against really good teams. I loved the challenge of playing at this level.

The 18-year-old took a winding path to her final year at Plymouth North. She lived in Brockton until the age of 2, when she moved with her family to Brazil. She lived there until arriving in Plymouth at the start of her second year to live with her mother.

“His command of English was a bit limited at the time, so to see how far Eyleen has come in just over two years is amazing,” Burt said. “She worked as hard in the classroom as she did on the volleyball court, and Eyleen is now a National Honor Society student with a good shot at playing volleyball at the college level.”

“I try to do well and work hard in all my classes, but remote learning has been difficult for all of us, students and teachers included. I really miss seeing everyone every day,” said Dias, whose favorite classes include math and philosophy. “At first it was difficult, but I think it gets a little easier the more we do it.”

Although she couldn’t play with the volleyball team in second grade due to her late arrival in the school system, Dias was still around the team every day as a manager. She said the time was “huge for me” as she adjusted to her new school and quickly bonded with her future teammates.

“I was there at every game and every practice, filling water bottles, writing down stats and doing whatever I could to help. I may not have been able to play, but I was still part of the team, and that was huge for me,” Dias said. “Just being there with the team and forming friendships with my teammates has helped me tremendously to adapt to life here. But I was counting the days until I could play.

“All my team-mates were great and helped me a lot,” Dias said. “We have a connection as a team and it extends outside of school.”

Dias fitted in well last year as a starting libero. She quickly helped Plymouth North to the playoffs for the first time in 20 years. She quickly showed everyone she had the skills to play anywhere on the pitch and found a home away from home this year.

“Eyleen has an amazing skill set and great instincts for the game of volleyball,” Burt said. “She’s only 5-5, but her vertical leap is exceptional. She jumps like she’s 5-10 and also has a fast and powerful swing on the ball. I can see Eyleen playing libero or even setter in college, depending on what level she wants to achieve.

Dias left no doubt that she wants as much volleyball as possible in her future. Like her classmates, she is in the process of finding college and looking for the right place athletically and academically.

“I want to play volleyball in college so badly,” Dias said with a laugh. “I’m doing my homework on schools right now and hopefully I can find the right fit for me with my academics and also have a chance to play at the next level.”

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Plymouth North senior captain Eyleen Dias rises for a peak. [Wicked Local Staff Photo/ Robin Chan]

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