Nintendo Switch sports update will be available on July 26


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Nintendo has announced the release of a free update for Nintendo Switch Sports July 26. The update adds new volleyball moves, support for the Leg Strap accessory, and more.

Nintendo Switch Sports Update Released July 26 - Adds New Volleyball Moves, Leg Strap Support, and More

Read the details below:

Beginning On July 26 at 6:00 PM PT / 9:00 PM ET, a free software update will be available to give a boost and add a number of new features to the game. You will be able to transform your real kicks into powerful ones in the game action in full football matches, pull off fancy new moves in volleyball, and even achieve higher ranks in the Pro League!

Ready to put on your metaphorical cleats for Spocco Square after applying the update? In 4-on-4 and head-to-head football matches, you will be able to use a Joy-Con controller and Leg Strap accessory (included in the physical version of the game, and also available for purchase separately from My Nintendo Store and at select retailers). Use a kicking motion in real life and the game will turn your moves into in-game actions. Similarly, you can also move your hands just like you jog in place to kick yourself into the game. If you play this way, your kicks in the game will be more powerful.

This new update for the Nintendo Switch Sports The game isn’t just for Leg Strap players, though. You might want to try some fancy new moves for volleyball – the sliding attack and the rocket serve. Make your spikes even more unpredictable or surprise your opponents from the start of the match!

Also, have you ever brought your “A game” to the competition? With this update, you can reach even greater heights when playing online in the Pro League with the addition of new S and ∞ ranks. When you’re not spiking, swinging, or punching for the new ranks in random matchmaking, you’ll be able to easily join friends’ matches using room IDs.

Nintendo Switch Sports is available for Nintendo To change.

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