Marquette Volleyball climbs to 23rd place in new AVCA poll


The big question of the weekend was “How will AVCA voters handle Marquette volleyball’s loss to Wisconsin?” It was a reasonable question, as the No. 24-ranked Golden Eagles battled against the No. 6-ranked Badgers but ended up suffering a 3-1 loss on the road to Madison for their first loss of the season. Do you give them credit for a tough game on the road and keep them in the poll? Do you lose them and abandon them?

Well, it looks like the consensus decision is “Marquette deserves to be in” because the Golden Eagles aren’t just always ranked in Monday’s all-new AVCA top 25 poll. Even better than that, United picked up 20 points more than a week ago, and thus, they are now the No. 23 team in the country.

Marquette received 234 voting points this week. It’s not that far off the 242 points that went to #22 UCLA, so MU might not have been that far off #22 themselves. United’s total is well above the 169 points Pepperdine earned in 24th place, so there was no doubt that Marquette would easily make the top 25 this week.

Wisconsin remains stable in the poll, both ranked 6th and as the top-ranked team on Marquette’s schedule this season. Kentucky are undefeated since dropping their opener against the Golden Eagles, so they moved up two spots to 14th in the new poll. Creighton sits well in 17th place for the only other Great East reference in this week’s poll, while Illinois fell as low as 25th now after starting the year 1-3. lose at Georgia Technology and Washington? Not serious…. But when paired with a loss to an unranked Colorado? Not ideal. Hopefully the Illini get their deal done before they come to Milwaukee in a few weeks.

As for Marquette’s more current schedule, the Golden Eagles will begin a 10-game home streak, including the final six non-conference, on Tuesday night. It will be Loyola-Chicago who will provide the opposition in this season’s home opener, and the first serve is scheduled for 7 p.m.

You can check out the entire top 25 here.


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