Manistee Volleyball loses to Ludington


MANISTEE — Manistee Volleyball fell to Ludington on Tuesday in a three-set sweep, losing 25-10, 25-8 and 25-5.

The Chippewas are a talented group, but they always find ways to overcome mental blocks, according to head coach Anna Shoemaker.

“The girls have great skills and know the game,” she said. “But they get in their head, and that’s where they struggle. There’s a lack of confidence that gets to them sometimes. They’re really hard on themselves. They’re going to miss something, and they’re really down the rest of the game.”

Shoemaker adds that she tried different rotations, exercises in training and made other adjustments to help Manistee overcome her current situation.

“I think right now it’s a mental game that we have to overcome at this point,” Shoemaker said. “I’ve been doing personal growth workshops for a long time, so luckily I have a bit of skill to get them out of there. There are things I can do to help them, but the bottom line is that they They have to want it, they have to want it to be different for it to be different.

“If they don’t want it to be different, then it won’t be.”

However, fans in the stands couldn’t question the Chippewas’ effort, heart and will to fight. Together, the team was diving all over the field and not giving up.

“They know how to put it together,” Shoemaker said. “But when they want that ball, they go for it. It’s just this lack of, ‘I’m going to run for this, but am I going to get there?’ It’s that guessing and that doubting. And as long as there’s doubting and doubting, I mean, there’s scientific studies that have proven that if you’re guessing yourself or doubting yourself, then there’s chances are you’re right.

“But as long as you believe in yourself, you will get it.”

On a positive note, Shoemaker is still proud and satisfied with Manistee in many areas.

“Our strike is strong,” she said. “Especially Allison Kelley and Libby McCarthy, when they get up and hit and block…they do their job, and they don’t care about the height of the girls on the other side of the net. Then we have Reese Shively, and nobody doesn’t dig a ball better than Reese. She’s over there and moving her feet.

“She keeps the team going and does her best to lift everyone’s spirits. She’s probably the best; that when it comes to making a mistake, she gets rid of it and goes back out there. All the girls are great.”


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