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The site of North Elba’s new beach volleyball and pickleball courts on the lacrosse fields is seen Tuesday. (Business Photo – Andy Flynn)

LAKE PLACID — This village will no longer host the International Federation of University Sports (FISU) World University Championship beach volleyball event from August 24-28. Instead, the competition will be held in Maceio, Brazil, from September 6-10.

In the meantime, the city of North Elba will continue to complete a total of four courts: two for beach volleyball and two for pickleball, according to city supervisor Derek Doty. Construction work on four beach volleyball courts has begun on the city-owned lacrosse fields near the world championship transfer station.

When Adirondack Sports Council executive director Ashley Walden and FISU officials agreed to scrap the world championships in May, there was no press release, according to Jon Lundin, communications manager for the 2023 World University Winter Games, which are hosted by the CSA. Instead, a statement was released on May 13 – but was only sent to media who inquired about the venue change, Lundin said on Tuesday. It was not massively sent out to the media like all the other ACS press releases.

“It was a mutual decision by FISU and the Adirondack Sports Council,” Walden said in the statement. “This was an extremely difficult decision to make, but it is in the best interests of the Board and of FISU to focus our energy, effort and resources on the 31st FISU World University Winter Games.”

The Games will take place from January 12 to 22, 2023.

The FISU World University Beach Volleyball Championship will bring together 32 men’s and women’s teams from 30 countries. It has been held every two years since 2002 and was last held in 2018, in Munich, Germany.

The Adirondacks Sports Council was going to use the volleyball tournament as a test event to prepare for the 2023 Games, but it was not required by FISU, Lundin said.

The 2022 FISU World University Championship speed skating event in Lake Placid last March was a test event for the 2023 Games. The test events help organizers develop systems for areas such as accreditation, medical services and transportation.

On March 31, Lundin told the Lake Placid News that the volleyball championships were to be held on yet-to-be-built beach volleyball courts on the former Lake Placid Club tennis courts, although prep work from the courts had already started to the lacrosse fields.

Doty said there were die-hard beach volleyball fans in Lake Placid who were sad to see the world championships move to Brazil.

“Since then, I’ve had an outcry from locals who were thrilled that beach volleyball was coming,” Doty said, “The city has therefore agreed to set up two beach volleyball courts, instead of four, and the other two prepared courts will be transformed into pickleball.”

The beach volleyball courts should be finished in August and the pickleball courts should be finished in September, according to Doty. Work to be completed includes setting up netting and fencing, laying sand for the volleyball courts and pouring concrete slabs for the pickleball courts.

Doty said he plans to apply for a grant from the City of North Elba Local Improvement and Advancement Fund to pay for the fence.

The city will pay up to $3,500 for sand for the two volleyball courts and $12,000 for concrete slabs for the two pickleball courts, according to Doty.

A group of volunteers will pay for the beach volleyball nets, rakes, balls, liner, etc. Volunteers include retired Lake Placid High School volleyball coach Donna Moody and Sarah Galvin.

“The city felt really good about supporting this effort for beach volleyball, mainly because they want to encourage not only the adult side of things, but also encourage the kids to come out there and start getting involved. in this sport, said Doty.

Previous work on the courts was funded by the organizers of the 2023 Lake Placid Games, according to Doty.

“This will help turn the lacrosse fields into a more regularly used area,” Doty said, “Because people are asking for pickleball courts every day. The demand for beach volleyball is not known yet, but I know there is a pretty good contingent from Lake Placid that travels to Tupper Lake almost every weekend in the summer to play.

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