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In just four days, the Ballard County Lady Bombers have played 14 sets in six games, including the most recent 3-0 win over Murray on Monday, September 20. The high number of games is due to the Lady Bombers playing in the State All “A” tournament where they fell in the semifinals to St. Henry in straight sets.

“I was very tickled,” said Ballard Memorial head coach Adam Solomon. “We came back from Richmond 18-3, we were undefeated in pools, out of the four games we played, three of them were from bigger private schools, we had to play well so I was more than satisfied.”

The week has only just begun and the team has one more game against Graves County on Tuesday and one against Mayfield on Thursday, making it eight games in just seven days.

Even with a busy schedule and lack of training time, the Lady Bombers seem to thrive as they continue to win. Although they may have fallen earlier than they would have liked in the State All “A” tournament, the team still own a season record of 19-3 so far and there is plenty left. volleyball to play.

“It’s a chore, I always say September is two-thirds of the season, while August is about a third,” Solomon said.

Monday’s game against Murray was like any other for the Lady Bombers, playing almost nonstop over the weekend didn’t seem to slow them down at all. The Lady Tigers were the ones to score the first points of the set but never led more than their initial score of 2-0. It would bounce between a tied game and a change of one point lead a few times early on, but Ballard would take control at 11-10 and run away from there. The opening set ended 25-17 for the Lady Bombers, with 20 team recoveries led by Kylee Bodell with five.

The second set was about the same with a few leader changes before Ballard took control. This time, however, was earlier in the set, the last time the Lady Tigers held a lead would be 6-5. From there, the Lady Bombers led to 11 at the 20-9 mark. Murray would slowly make his rise from the points deficit but would miss 25-16.

The Lady Bombers put the game on the sidelines with a final score of 25-12 as Ballard made early moves to give themselves a 14-point lead and put the subs. Murray will try to come back up again but will only be able to climb by six points.

Senior Bailey Lee led the way with 11 digs on the night, closely followed by fellow senior Izzy Myers with nine and junior Kinley Doublin also with nine. Myers also led with 17 assists, followed by Bryce O’Neil with 12.


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