Lady Blue Devils volleyball one week away from season opener


Pearl River Central Volleyball is gearing up to rally a young program to join the varsity team.

For freshman head coach Nicole Brown, her goal this season is to grow her ninth-grade team ready to join the varsity team. His plan is to build a team capable of competing in the district in the near future.

“We created a varsity team, a joint venture and a ninth-grade team so we could keep a lot of our young girls and build our program,” Brown said. “That’s the biggest goal of our varsity team. A lot of our girls are older and they realize this year probably won’t be our best in terms of wins and losses, but they include our ninth year and our 10e the grade is really where the program is.

Brown wants the entire program to keep a positive attitude and constantly work on team cohesion.

“They do a lot of stay (watch) for ninth-grade practices, and for JV practices,” Brown said. “I want these girls to come back and watch their teammates when they’re in college, come back and watch those ninth graders when they’re in 11e to note. I want them to build relationships with these kids,” she said.

As this will be the team’s first season and therefore there will be ups and downs, Brown has his own way of cheering up college players.

“I tell my girls every time, every practice, ‘as long as you’re better than yesterday, you’ve already won.’ So we really don’t pay attention to the score this year… we understand that it’s going to be difficult, there’s going to be a lot of misses when it comes to home games because we’ve never had a home game here. Even down to the athletic director, we all learn something new, that’s how I approach things with my daughters, that this is all new to everyone and so I want them to understand that as long as you do better than yesterday, you have a good chance of succeeding.

Since day one of tryouts, Brown said he’s seen the team’s confidence, athleticism and chemistry increase.

“I saw a lot of, ‘I can’t become a coach, ‘look what I just did.’ I’ve seen a lot of girls who weren’t confident to come out here, and manage their position and push girls out of their way to call a ball, things that didn’t happen initially,” he said. she declared.

Brown has a team of athletes who have never played a sport before or currently play several.

“One thing I can say is that our girls are always on time, they are always ready to work, they stay late. I mean, they’ll come whenever I ask them to come. They’re on top of things and I’ve got a great girl group,” Brown said.

The Lady Blue Devils will hit the ground for the first time on Friday, July 29 at 4 p.m. for their blue-on-white scrimmage. Then the team will play a jamboree in Gulfport the following Saturday, July 30.

The scrum will give the community a chance to see the new gym floor, see the girls in action, and help the team raise funds.

“I want to see that they’re on the field showing good sportsmanship and showing these young people how to win and how to lose,” Brown said. “For some of these girls, as crazy as it sounds, they’re going to learn to lose with grace and find their own strengths in who they are.”

Varsity team members Stome Boggs and Jadyn Nielson said they want to assess where the team stands among its opponents. Neilson said the team has a lot of potential and skill, so she thinks they will get a lot of wins.

“A lot of us improved our skills, serving frame and passing,” Nielson said,

“At camp we were everywhere so we sat down and talked about it as a group. After that we came back and we were a completely different team. So I think if we talk and work things out we are going to be good,” Boggs said.

Both are excited to play against rivals the Picayune Maroon Tide and the Long Beach Bearcats this season.


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