Juel des Lancers achieves great success on football and volleyball fields | High School Football – QCVarsity.com


“Everyone had hiccups here and there, but he took care of the football. He gives the ball to our playmakers in a good position, which is essential for us. “

And his volleyball experience has paid off.

Juel said the club environment is very demanding and he has had to learn to compete at a university level. He said the swings and blasting movements of a volleyball ball developed the strength and mobility needed to throw a soccer ball.

The pressure doesn’t bother him either.

“I remember my sophomore year playing against kids 18 and under in the Chicago area, a team with four or five Division I players, being a young boy who just wanted the ball so he could put it away,” Juel said. “This confidence in these pressurized situations is really reflected here.

“I know that if the game is in play and we have to go down, have a desire to score, I’m ready to have the ball in my hands. I am confident in my abilities.

Once the football season is over, Juel intends to resume volleyball and help his club team reach the national tournament next year.

This football season has complicated his collegial decision, however.

“A lot of things have changed my way of thinking, especially this football season,” Juel said. “Volleyball is still a passion for me so I always plan to play it at the next level.”


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