Highlights of the fierce 2022 Women’s Nations League Volleyball match, Turkey vs USA


Bola.com, Calgary – Pool 5 had a grueling match in week three Volleyball Nations League between princess 2022 Turkey to oppose The United States of America which took place at 7 Chiefs Sportsplex, Canada, on Sunday (3/7/2022) at dawn WIB. The match was packed from the first set.

There was an exciting rally to enjoy which took place in the first set of the 2022 Women’s Nations League Volleyball game. The excitement came as USA took a 22-20 lead over the Turkey. A block from middle blocker Hannah Tapp put the United States in the lead 23-20.

Turkey has fought a hard fight. However, the United States eventually won the first set with a score of 25-22. Scores from his two outside hitters, Cara Bajema (six runs) and Kelsey Robinson (four runs), helped Kirch Kiraly’s team win.

The second set comes from Turkey. Giovanni Guidetti’s men won 25-18. The points scored by his opponent, Ebrar Karakurt, were enough to help his team win. Karkat scored six points.

Third and fourth sets, the match was still tight and fierce. The third set went to the United States with a 27-15 victory, while Turkey won the next set with a score of 25-23.

Also in the fifth set, both teams performed brilliantly. even if in the end The United States of America who won the game Turkey With a score of 18-16. how close is the game Volleyball Nations League Princess of 2022? Readers can enjoy it in the show Underline Feather.


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