High school volleyball: Olympus wins emotional game, Clearfield wins


Olympus 3, Union 2

An emotional day came with an emotional win as Olympus persevered against the defending 3A champions Cougars after five sets. Union took the first point, and after a comeback from Olympus, the Cougars looked set to take over with an explosive set point at third. The Titans rallied to force a fifth set and won by the slimmest of margins.

Olympus dedicated the victory to senior outside striker Allison Clark’s recently deceased grandmother. Clark started the game after attending the funeral earlier in the day, arriving just before college start time.

“We knew Union was going to be a tough team to come in. We took a while to get going, but we started to improve by trusting each other,” said Olympus coach Preston Rosander.

Clearfield 3, Bonneville 2

For the second time in as many matches, Clearfield went all five complete sets with his opponent, Bonneville in this case, before claiming victory. The Lakers took the lead early and took the fourth set later to force a fifth, then Clearfield ran away in the final frame with a 15-8 set point.

“We had younger players who really stepped up and played a big part in our win tonight. We are ready to return to the gym and continue to find ways to improve as a team. Our young girls are really stepping up and playing big roles in college,” Clearfield coach Brooke Pehrson said.

Northridge 3, Fremont 0

Northridge prevailed convincingly over an old enemy in Region 1 with a sweep of Fremont. Although he won the first set in easy fashion, Fremont gave the Knights everything they could handle the rest of the match, but came away with zero.

“It was a great victory to put under our belt! At times we had to grind, and early in the season sometimes that’s the best thing for your team. Some of our top contributors are starting to feel comfortable in their role! And tonight finally started to excel,” Northridge coach Mitchell Stevens said.

Kearns 3, Logan 2

Kearns came away with a massive comeback to seal the five-set home win over Logan. After a dominating first set, the Cougars struggled and gave away a 2-1 lead to the Grizzlies. After an intense fourth set, the Cougars raced away for the win.

“Paris Tuaumu led the team with various digs and service points. Maliyah Toone and Lealofi Talia responded with consistent attacks that led to numerous casualties. It was a team effort by everyone involved for the Kearns Cougars,” Kearns coach Jon Diaz said.

Wendover 3, Providence Room 1

Wendover had Providence Hall on the ropes with a 2-0 advantage before the Patriots fought back with a dominating third set. The Wildcats recovered quickly and finished the fourth set to take the win.

“We started strong and had a good lead but their players did a good job of going after us so it became a mental game in the third set but luckily we were able to overcome it and finish with a win,” Wendover coach Lidia Delgadillo said.

Manti 3, Payson 0

Manti prevailed convincingly over Payson in a sweep to make it 3-0. The Templars have dropped just one set so far this season as manager Aaron Smith improves on his second year as a coach.

“The girls played 100% the whole game and stayed disciplined in our system. The score took care of itself,” Smith said.

Orem 3, Crimson Cliffs 1

Not a single set in that match was won by more than four points, but Orem came away with the win to hand Crimson Cliffs their first loss and move to 2-0.

“It’s a young team, and we’re slowly learning how to work as a team and that everyone has a role to play as part of the team. Crimson Cliffs are a tough team, and we’ve talked a lot about focusing on controlling the things we can control. We struggled to find our game earlier, but we managed to deal with some of our unforced errors, serving hard and playing tough defense. I’m proud of them and I hope that they will see their potential if they continue to train. We have natural leaders on the pitch, and we hope to continue to build and work hard,” Orem coach Bill Sefita said.

Judge Memorial 3, East 0

3A Judge Memorial moved to 2-0 this season with a 5A East sweep, the Bulldogs’ second win over a 4A or higher school. The Leopards stayed close in the first two sets, but Judge took the final point convincingly.

“I’m very proud of the performance of the girls tonight. We used the momentum from our win on Tuesday and capitalized on our defense tonight. The girls were rambling and focused. It was a win for our judging family,” said judging coach Taylor Gustafson.


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