Eagle Rock Wins City Section Women’s Volleyball Title With Actor-Coach


Jeff Elam is an actor who has never played the role of a sports coach on television or on the big screen.

“I auditioned,” he said.

He had no idea how difficult it would be to play the role of head coach in real life. He offered to serve as an “emergency back-up” in case Eagle Rock High couldn’t find a replacement for women’s volleyball coach Tim Bergeron after he resigned last May.

Elam’s daughter Morgan played on the team. Then Elam found himself coaching.

“I can’t believe how much work it is,” he said. “The fact that one person ran all six programs is insane.”

His first coaching experience was watching youth volleyball matches and practices. He was well advised. “At this age, it’s all about service,” he said.

He looked to his daughter for wisdom and relied on the experience of his returning Eagle Rock players.

Things worked out. Eagle Rock won the City Section Division II championship last weekend and began play in the state regional playoffs this week.

It was a difficult season overcoming many challenges off the pitch.

“Obviously, I’m far from having the knowledge of Tim Bergeron,” he said. “I must say it is so difficult. I had no idea how difficult it is. I have so much respect for volleyball coaches.


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