Durfee field hockey, volleyball team captains are twin sisters


FALL RIVER – They had fun with their identical twins in elementary school, deliberately tricking the teachers. But if Josie and Jasmine Caine tried this now, with their coaches at Durfee High School, they would be exposed in a hurry – once the game or practice started.

Sisters born 21 minutes apart and still best friends, the Caines split, athletically speaking, a few years ago. Jasmine took a liking to volleyball. Josie picked up a field hockey stick and thought it was pretty cool.

Today, they are highly respected captains of their respective college teams at Durfee. They are also top-notch, outgoing, friendly students, and tough field/field crackers. They danced competitively for years, with Jasmine choosing to hang up her dancing shoes while Josie is still competing.

Durfee Athletics manager Brad Bustin calls the Caine sisters “great kids”.

He’s not the only one in the hallowed halls and spacious country house of Durfee High who thinks so.

“One of the kids I’ve worked with the most,” said longtime women’s volleyball coach Kelly Beaulieu. “She encourages everyone on her team to do their best and she works extremely hard.”

“Josie is an incredible captain,” said field hockey coach Nicole Henrique. “She was made captain last year as a junior because her personality is really just a leadership quality.”

Durfee athletes Josie and Jasmine Caine are each captains of a different sports team.

Following their own sporting path

The Caines started dancing together when they were 5 years old. So when in college Jasmine decided to take up volleyball, without her sister and her best friend, it marked a major change in her life, a leap out of her comfort zone.

“I think it was tough because I really used to do things with my sister all my life,” Jasmine said. “So volleyball became my thing. But it’s really good because now I have a whole new family because of it. And it’s good that we have our own separate things. But we are still close.

At 5-foot-1-and-a-half – she won’t let you forget that half-inch – Jasmine would apparently be best suited, in volleyball, as a setter or libero. She fixes herself. But, she’s also an outside hitter, one of Beaulieu’s best hitters, and just as strong in the back row.

She won MVP and coaches awards at New Bedford Whaler volleyball camp this year. A Durfee college starter for three years and captain for two, Jasmine is described by her coach as an all-around player who can do it all. “She’s small but mighty,” Beaulieu said.

Towering over her 5-foot-2, 2-1/2-inch sister, Josie has been a team captain for two years who fell in love with field hockey.

“I think field hockey was a bit hit or miss for me,” she said, “because I picked it up because some of my friends were into it. And I had no idea it would mean so much to me in the end.

“But I thought it was good that we did everything together. We have the same face. We’ve always done everything together since we were born. So I thought it was really good that we could find our own passions and expand a bit.

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Josie Caine, front, rehearses for the On Stage Performing Arts Christmas show in this file photo.  The twins grew up dancing together.

Growing with Competitive Sports

Often playing with boys, including their older brother Riley, the Caine twins grew up in and embraced a competitive sports atmosphere. Years of playing with and against each other have fostered that competitive nature. “We really know how to handle it,” Jasmine said.

They are also serious and still a bit competitive in class. They both completed multiple AP and honors courses throughout their careers at Durfee. Josie’s GPA was 3.80 the last time she checked. Jasmine’s is 3.70.

Jasmine’s favorite course is cosmetology. She describes it as her passion. Josie loves science. She is taking biomedical courses.

Durfee's Jasmine Caine throws the ball to her teammates during a match last year against Case.

Not that they didn’t have their fair share of fun at school, especially at first. When asked if one had ever taken a test for another, neither Jasmine nor Josie could hold back the laughter. “Not a try. Not a test,” Jasmine said. “When we were children, we often changed classes. Because we were very, very identical. No one could tell us apart.

Back in athletics, the two Caines take their captain Durfee very seriously.

“I’m very proud that the girls will look up to me and let me lead them,” Jasmine said.

Josie, a midfielder, appreciates the leadership on the pitch and having other players text her frequently, sharing their lives. “I love doing it. These girls have become like sisters to me,” she said. “I do a lot for them, but I’m proud to do it.”

Coach Henrique said Josie never misses a game or practice during or off season, despite her busy schedule which includes working and dancing. “I expect so much from my captains,” Henrique said, “and Josie has really taken on that responsibility and shined.”


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