DeLange sisters share varsity volleyball court for first and last time


The sisters are currently at rival schools Dakota Wesleyan and Mount Marty, looking to help their teams as much as possible late in the season.

In their very first meeting to play against each other, Jadie got the better of Ally on October 29 when DWU defeated Mount Marty in straight sets on their senior night at the Christen Family Athletic Center. Jadie is DWU’s only senior this season, making this the one and only time she has shared the pitch with her sister Ally.

The two sisters entered the match with anxiety about playing against each other, but that only amplified their first and final match against each other.

“I was so excited,” Ally DeLange said. “Not only playing my sister, but DWU and Mount Marty are rivals so that certainly amplified it a lot, especially knowing that a lot of people think Mount Marty is bad. This year we’ve been a lot better and we’re in. rebuilding the schedule so I really wanted to come forward and make a statement. It was a big game for all of us and it was big when we were wrestling because I really wanted to win and I wanted to block my sister so badly. was a lot.

Jadie DeLange had 10 kills and three digs in the win. She said it was interesting to play against her sister for the first time in this rivalry that she had been a part of for three years. Before Ally joined the team, Jadie didn’t hesitate to take out the Lancers. Now that Ally was on the team, Jadie’s competitiveness was still important, but she was also so excited to see her sister on the other end of the field.

“It was so interesting because yeah, I’m competitive and I really want to win,” said Jadie DeLange. “He was also a GPAC opponent, our rival, so it was a very important game for us… but seeing my sister on the other side, there was some hesitation. Seeing my sister on the other side of a big game like this was really cool.

The family was split in two, wearing different T-shirts and representing the two schools. Jadie and Ally’s parents graduated from DWU, but their uncles and aunts graduated from Mount Marty.

Head shot of Dakota Wesleyan's Jadie DeLange (left), Marchell DeLange (middle) and Mount Marty's Ally DeLange (right) after a Great Plains Athletic Conference volleyball game on October 29, 2021 at the Christen Family Athletic Center in Mitchell.  (Branden Hull / Republic)

Head shot of Dakota Wesleyan’s Jadie DeLange (left), Marchell DeLange (middle) and Mount Marty’s Ally DeLange (right) after a Great Plains Athletic Conference volleyball game on October 29, 2021 at the Christen Family Athletic Center in Mitchell. (Branden Hull / Republic)

The two DeLange sisters were born in Mitchell and began this journey playing volleyball at the age of 8. the court with each other until the rivalry match on October 29.

They both attended Lewis-Palmer High School in Monument, Colorado, where they both won the championship. Jadie came to Lewis-Palmer as a junior outside hitter on the volleyball team, but suffered a back injury that forced her out for the season. Jadie returned to court in his final year in 2018, helping Lewis-Palmer go undefeated at 29-0 and win his second straight state title.

Ally, who was in second year at junior college in 2018, followed in her sister’s footsteps in 2020, as the Rangers won their fourth straight Division 4A volleyball state title.

With Jadie already established at Dakota Wesleyan, playing 31 games for the Tigers and being third on the team in kills at 224, Ally was focused on basketball and decided to attend Mount Marty. Ally said it was a tough decision not to choose her parents alma mater to go to college, but not wanting to go to the same school as her sister and be coached by the girls’ basketball coach from Mount Marty, Todd Schilmgen, his uncle, made the decision easier.

“I was considering Dakota Wesleyan for basketball, but Jadie and I both agreed that maybe going to the same school might not be good for us,” said Ally DeLange. “So that was a big deciding factor and I ended up choosing to play basketball at Mount Marty. I never even thought I would end up playing volleyball.

Ally was a leader for the Lancers in 2020, but lost her passion for the sport, although her desire for volleyball was something that never went away. Ally has joined the Mount Marty volleyball team this season and will focus on volleyball for the remainder of her college career.

While Ally and Jadie agreed that neither Mount Marty nor DWU would be big enough for the two DeLange sisters, Ally said there was some regret that they never took the field together as teammates. .

“We had never been to the same school since elementary and sometimes it was a little rocky in high school,” said Ally DeLange. “We had similar friends and I started to feel like we were always together or always competing, so we thought maybe going to college together would be a problem. I think in hindsight we both regret it a bit because now that we’re older we barely get to see each other and we’re building our own lives. Now that I have made the switch from basketball to volleyball at Mount Marty, we wish we could ever play together.


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