Boys Volleyball Regional Semi-Final Waubonsie Valley vs Benet Academy 05.24.22

Boys Volleyball Regional Semi-Final Waubonsie Valley vs Benet Academy 05.24.22Boys Volleyball Regional Semi-Final Waubonsie Valley vs Benet Academy 05.24.22

Regional play continues for men’s volleyball. Sixth seed Benet Academy takes on 11th seed Waubonsie Valley in the Oswego East Region semifinals. The winner advances to the regional final against Lyons Township. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

First series

The first serve is Ben Guth who starts the scoring with an ace. A few points later we have back and forth and keeping the game alive is Colin Bishop with the diving dig and getting the point for WV is Max Hubenko. The score is now 16-14 in favor of Waubonsie and after some action Andrej Moller and Colin Bishop come up for the block extending the lead. We’re all tied at 18 now and Benet is ahead thanks to a Kovas Neverauskas finish. We go back and forth as green and gold are in front now as Colin Bishop gives WV the set point with a strong kill. Benet trailing as Drew Rogers’ first shot is somehow saved by Paul Quinto but Rogers’ second attempt gives BA the point. Still the set point for Waubonsie as Aris Maurukass’ serve hits the net, giving the Warriors the 25-21 win in Set 1.

Set Two

Set two now and the Warriors pick up where they left off as Colin Bishop finds the field open for the point. Red and white respond. Dominic Krzeczkowski goes up for the kill and second places the Redwings by three. Momentum in Benet’s favor as Neverauskas meets the ball at the net for the kill. Benet comes out strong in the second set and they end it with a block from Drew Rogers giving the Redwings the 25-12 victory.

Third series

Decisive set and Benet comes out strong with Peter Shanley getting a solid kill. We have a long rally between the teams that ends with a block from Ethan Quaye. Green and Gold up to 9-5. The Warriors are a bit on the run here in the third set and Michael Lu adds another point on the scoreboard. Throughout the season Waubonsie have had a few players who have stood out and Andrej Moller has been one of them and he shows why with a powerful kill. The Redwings need a point and Drew Rogers gives it to them with an ace. Score tied at 22 now and after a hard fought rally Drew Rogers killed a WV player giving Benet the point. 24-23 in favor of the Redwings and another Drew Rogers finish gives Benet the thrilling three-set victory over Waubonsie. Benet advances to the regional final against Lyons Township.

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